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The Latest Technology and Innovations in the field of Endodontics For You!
The Surgical Microscope:

The Introduction of the surgical operating microscope has revolutionized both surgical and non-surgical Endodontic treatment. New treatment modalities have been developed which take advantage of the superior illumination and higher level of magnification of the microscope. Previously difficult or impossible procedures can now be performed predictably and efficiently.

As the second decade of microscope use in Endodontics begins, they are increasingly being utilized in restorative and periodontics offices. Our professional opinion, shared by the majority of experienced Endodontic practitioners, is that the microscope is an essential and irreplaceable tool for the state-of-the-art Endodontic specialty practice.

Recognizing the procedural advances and evolving standards of care, the American Dental Association in it's Standards for Advanced Specialty Education Programs in Endodontics, now requires that instruction and clinical training be given to the student to perform non-surgical and surgical procedures using microscopy.


digital x-ray

Digital Radiography:

Direct Digital Radiographs are safer, faster, and diagnostically more useful than conventional film x-rays. The incorporation of digital radiography is the most significant improvement in the service provided to our patients. There is up to 80% reduction in radiation, compared to traditional film technology, and the instant image provides verifiable timesavings when compared to film processing. This is a significant advantage in Endodontic procedures, where progress must be assessed quickly and easily. Patient comfort is greatly increased by eliminating processing "waiting time" during their Endodontic procedures. Substantial time is saved when "retaking" an image. The resulting images are digital, allowing computer enhancement, enlargement and evaluation, which greatly improve diagnostic capabilities.




One Visit Endodontics:

Research has shown that there is a reduction of post-operative flare-ups when Endodontic treatment is accomplished in a single visit. The multiple visit approach of past Endodontic concepts and procedures is unnecessary, inconvenient, and uncomfortable for the patient. Non-emergency cases are scheduled for a consultation appointment to confirm their need for treatment. If Endodontic treatment is necessary, the patient is then scheduled for a single visit procedure.


IV Conscious Sedation:

One of the most challenging aspects of a dental practice is treating the fearful or apprehensive patient.
As dental care providers, the need to help patients manage anxiety-provoking situations is well recognized. Conscious sedation is a controlled state of extreme relaxation, often resulting in little memory of the procedure. This type of sedation reduces pain and awareness of the procedure, while allowing the patient to breathe on their own and to respond to verbal commands and/or gentle stimulation. Many times a patient will not even recall having spoken to the staff during the procedure. Conscious sedation allows a patient to tolerate the procedure by relieving anxiety, discomfort and/or pain. For procedures that require children not to move, conscious sedation will help them to remain still.

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